Friday, July 25, 2014

Little Mason Needs Your Help On Getting A Service Dog


 Dear Family & Friends,

As most of you may know our precious Mason was diagnosed with a non curable diease at a very young age. When Mason was just 15 months old the doctors told us he had Juvinelle Type One Diabetes. On that day we all aboarded this journey knowing that this is something that will affect his life forever. As he is growing up and his body is growing each and every day, there are a lot of new bumps in this crazy road we are begining to stumble upon. Each day living with Type One Diabetes is a struggle for mason and the people around him. His blood sugar number changes every minute of the day. At one point he can be perfect and minutes later he can drop as low as being in the 30's and spike as high as being in the 300's. Every night putting him to sleep is a nightmare for our family, throughout the night we are setting our alarms around the clock checking his sugar levels just to make sure he doesn't drop. Our biggest fear is throughout the night he blood sugars levels dropping so low that he goes into a diabetic coma and doesn't wake up the next morning. People who don't know to much about Type One Diabetes don't understand the seriousness and the fear we have to live with each day. If we were not on top him and checking his bood suagr constantantly there is a lot of medical issuses that he could have to deal with, like going into a diabetic coma, kidney failure, blindness, etc. We are setting up this site to start raising money for Mason to provide him with a Service Dog through the ENNP foundation. Having this opportunity to give Mason everything we could possibly do to have him life a confortable worry free life is our main goal. Receiving this dog for Mason would be such a relief to him and our family, knowing that we will be alerted when his blood sugar drops and spikes is more than what we could ever ask for. I cant THANK YOU ALL enough for your love an support.


If this doesn't break your heart, lets show some support.

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