Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Your Pets Health Monitoring Has Just Gone High Tech

New Smart Tech Collar Allows Veterinarians to Continuously Monitor Pets’ Health and Track Vital Signs  

The PetPace innovative pet health monitor helps veterinarians and pet owners to monitor their pets’, vital signs, activity and well being 24/7 and sends alerts when there is a cause for concern.  

 The PetPace smart collar is changing how veterinarians can track the well-being of pets and keep in touch with owners. The pet health monitorprovides veterinarians, for the first time, with the ability to follow dogs and cats health 24-hours-a-day in the clinic or at the pet’s home.

The collar is offered in 2 versions - the veterinary professional version and the pet owner version. The Pro version allows animal health professionals to provide intensive wireless monitoring of multiple pets simultaneously; to receive immediate alerts to a centralized control center or directly onto their mobile devices; and to run sophisticated analytics on a massive knowledge base.
The innovative (patents pending) wireless smart collar wearable device, developed and manufactured by PetPace, provides the ability to accurately monitor a pet’s health and well-being. Additionally, it can facilitate early detection of diseases and behavioral problems.
Continuous close monitoring of vital signs and other health related data improves standard of care and quality of life for pets while enhancing owner compliance and engagement. The system requires that a veterinarian is always registered with any pet client, thereby extending the vet’s reach into the pet's home and solidifying the client-veterinarian bond.


 “This is a product that is going to revolutionize veterinary medicine, as well as enhancing a pet owner’s ability to recognize that their pet is becoming ill before they start showing physical signs,” said Dr. Teresa Lightfoot, director of BluePearl Science, who conducted clinical trials of the collar. “The ability to have real-time, continuous access to pets’ vitals is undoubtedly going to save pets’ lives.”
PetPace’s tech collar has an array of sensors that non-invasively, continuously and automatically monitor vital signs of dogs and cats (TPR - Temperature, Pulse and Respiration), activity patterns, positions, calories, pain, heart rate variability and other physiologic and behavior parameters relevant to pets health and well-being.
Big Data proprietary software analyzes the pet health information in real time in the context of historical and breed-specific criteria. A sophisticated rule-based engine supports data optimization by quickly accessing and cross-referencing enormous amounts of relevant information.
If any cause for concern is detected an alert is generated to designated recipients via text, email, phone or push notification to the mobile app. In addition to the early detection of health issues, the device is excellent for monitoring pets with existing health problems, or those at risk of developing diseases, to evaluate their condition, progress and response to treatment. Long term monitoring will provide unprecedented, objective, quantifiable medical history to help with medical assessment of cases.
The PetPace collar can be used by veterinarians to: 
  • Monitor hospitalized pets,
  • Provide follow-up pet monitoring after discharge,
  • Allow TPR (Temp, Pulse, Respiration) measurements without any need for handling or restraining. For example, dogs can have their TPR taken while they wait in the reception area, thus avoiding the stress, time and efforts associated with doing it in the exam room.
  • Complementing an annual or semi-annual pet health evaluation by lending the collars to clients for 1-2 weeks and collect valuable data about the dog in its natural environment.
PetPace had already successfully deployed dozens of systems to veterinary hospitals and private homes in the US. The collars are used to closely monitor hospitalized pets, to collect TPR on patients in the reception area, and to send home with pet owners for remote monitoring following a procedure. "We always strive to find ways to improve the service and the overall experience of our clients and their pets," says Diane Tower, owner of Andover Animal Hospital in Andover, MA, who had been using the system for several months. "The PetPace collar provides us with a great way to take frequent vitals without being invasive. The staff, the doctors and the pets love it," says Tower.
The PetPace collar was developed with the guidance of expert veterinarians, representing various specialty disciplines of veterinary medicine, with the goal of providing owners and fellow veterinarians with an advanced tool to extend the veterinarian reach and revolutionize preventive medicine.
"After three years of research and development, I am very happy and proud to be launching this innovative remote monitoring device," says Dr. Asaf Dagan, DVM, DABVP, and chief veterinary scientist at PetPace. “This collar will enable pets, for the first time, to ‘tell’ us how they feel”.
Additional features include the ability to build a personalized health profile for a pet and enable comparisons with other similar dogs or cats. It also monitors pets’ daily activity goals; calories burned; and provide periodical health reports.
“Most importantly, our smart collar will allow veterinarians to provide better medicine and bet-ter service to their patients while sealing the bond with the pet owners,” said Dr. Dagan.
About PetPace
PetPace was founded in 2012 with the goal of improving the quality of life of pets and bring peace of mind to pet owners. PetPace specializes in pets’ wearable tech that remotely monitor pets’ vital signs utilizing advanced analytical methods and alerting models.
PetPace had develop a low power, wireless smart collar fitted with an array of sensors that reports abnormal vital signs, physiological and behavioral parameters.
Once an abnormal sign or behavior is detected, a sophisticated cloud-based analytical engine evaluates the signs and if needed, an immediate alert regarding the suspected condition is generated, allowing the owner or the vet to take preemptive action to protect their pet’s health. 

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