Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Video Was Sad Enough Showing No Room In The No Kill Shelters But PETA Has Got Some Balls Thinking They Are Better

I sat and watched this sad video of people being told there is no room in these so called no kill shelters for their pets but at the end PETA took credit for this video.
Well who is PETA to say that they are any better when they are the ones who kill some eighty percent of the dogs and cats that come though there place of business.

Watch the video and tell me how you feel.

It's bad enough that most of the pet owners just dump their pets when they get too tied of taking care of them but there are some real reasons when disaster strikes and an owner has no alternative but to try and keep their pet safe for a while.

I just don't get these owners who dump their pets.
Why in the first place did you get your pet?
Was it because it look cute?
Or you though you needed a friend?
Well I know why I got my dogs. Because I love them and there is no way I would just dump them for any reason. They are part of my family who need and give love no matter what.

Read about how Peta Kills the dumped off pets by Ellen Killoran here.
And you can read the article by Nathan J. Winograd here. ( warning this link has some very upsetting photos )

Remember if you are going to make a donation to a shelter, do it to your local shelter and not any of these places.

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