Monday, February 13, 2012

So Where Is Your Dog Food Made

So did Waggin' Train chicken jerky treats kill another dog? It looks like the treat had caused liver failure to a dog in Connecticut last week.

Sallie Des Biens said: My daughter in law is a med student and couldn’t be home when her dog died. I feel so guilty. I don’t have any pets, and mistakenly assumed if you could buy something at any store, it must be safe.

I don’t care what you think but I will never trust another dog food that was made in China.

You can read the article by Michelle Homer here.

I personally cook all my dogs meals because of reading about so many different dog foods being bad. But for those who feed their dogs bag food Rachael Ray is giving away a sample bag of Rachael Ray Nutrish. Who knows you might like to eat some healthy dog food that was made in the USA.

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william said...

Thanx friend any tips for natural homemade dog food?? thank you for yr activism & for yr sweet care for yr own & other dog. i’d appreciate any assistance in getting the word out. it’s unconscionable that this product is still on the market–nearly unbearable for the loss of our darlin dog to have been avoidable…
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