Monday, April 28, 2008

Ex Dog Beating Cop Wants His Job Back…No Way…

Well the dog beater Sgt. Charles L. Jones goes on trial today for what he did to his poor police dog.

Jones is crying that he was fired without due process, do you think the dog had due process ….No He Didn’t.

So why should you.

You stood there kicking the dog while he was suspended in the air. I thought that a Police dog has the same right as a Police officer. He was supposed to be your partner; he was on your side though thick and thin. So this is how you treat a partner, let alone a poor dog.

You have to view the video click here and see for yourself.
This will make you sick.

Read the full article by Dan Kane here.

Here is an older story by Dan Kane here about the case.

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Dogman2 said...

Here is an update...N.C. judge: Reinstate dog-kicking trooper